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Today, more of the major cruise lines are beginning to notice the need to accommodate the growing crowd of affluent travelers desiring a vacation lacking in the anxiety, noise, and confusion from the activities surrounding young children. If you feel this describes your desires then read on as that is the main focus behind Adult Only Cruises new website. In the following pages, we will discuss how we have learned to set up an Adult Cruise or find the appropriate Adult Only Resort for the desired vacation. It’s important to understand a few points or your holiday can quickly turn into a disaster, well maybe a calamity, but then that ones another story by itself.

First off, the cruise ship industry seldom, if ever, restricts any certain age group from their voyages so it’s prudent to assume that all age groups are planned for in the itineraries developed for each cruise. But if your one of those that doesn't have kids or if you just don't want to be around them while on vacation, a few sailings are available on certain cruise ships that are almost adult only or at best won't have many children on board.

About Adult Only Cruises!

Adult Only Cruises means there is no age restrictions and all of the activities are geared specifically for adults, but everyone is welcome. Children will feel left out and ought not to be included in this type of trip.

Adults Only Resort means there IS an age restriction for the resort, usually 18 years old, but sometimes it can be as low as 14 to 16. Children under the minimum age will not be allowed.

Couples Only Resorts are geared for romance. Only couples are allowed, no families, no singles. Often the settings are intimate with fine dining and couples related entertainment. Today, some are restricted to male/female couples only.

Some of the readers favorites in adult vacation resorts in Bahamas, Jamaica, Aruba, Virgin Islands, and places like Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Hawaii, Mexico, and Panama.
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Adult Only Cruise is looking to find information on any No Kids Cruises available. If you have any information on a Cruises Without Children, please contact us today. March 10, 2012

Finding The Best Deals On Cruises.
Special cruise discounts are available for many groups of individuals including singles, couples, honeymooners, seniors, AARP members, police, military and more. There are also special discounts for early bird reservations, last minute cruises, two-for-ones and other reduced rate excursions. These cruises depart a vast array of cruise ports around the world daily headed to magnificent destinations like Alaska, Bermuda, Bahamas, Canada, the Caribbean, Panama Canal, Mediterranean, Europe, South America, South Pacific, China and the Orient.
Check out the Cruise Itinerary for more on the where, when and how of planning your cruise.

Actual adult only cruises are rare these days but there are things you can do to limit the intrusions from energetic children all too often left to run wild about the ship. Through some careful prior planning, and a little knowledge too boot, you can enjoy a cruise with minimal imposition from those pesky kids and their obstinate parents. Let's take a look at some of the steps necessary to limit as many of the annoyances this causes as possible. Again, an all adult druise is hard to find but there is hope in the future, be sure to voice your desires to the reservations agents for each of the cruise lines you visit. Be that squeeky wheel and watch things happen.

Adult Cruises and how to find them? Doing a quick search of the most viewed sites with adult only themes turned up vacation locations for swingers, nudists and adult vacations with paid escorts. It’s probably not what most couples had in mind for their vacation! Read Singles Cruises for more on this type of cruise for swingers.

Adult Only Vacations in 2014

When adults need a break from the children, it's time for a vacation to a quiet and relaxing destination where the scenery is exquisite and there is not a single child in sight. This is the time when an Adult Only Resort or Cruise is on the agenda.

Quiet and relaxing, these adult resorts are found in desirable and romantic locations like Alaska, Australia, Caribbean Islands, Mexico, New Zealand, Hawaii and other great locations around the globe. We are beginning to really enjoy these little hidden hideaways as much as the next couple. Help us to help others in locating these romantic getaways designed especially with them in mind.



About Adult Resorts

Adults Only Resorts!

Couples Only Resorts are geared for romance. Only couples are allowed, no families, no singles. Often the settings are intimate with fine dining and couples related entertainment. Today, some are restricted to male/female couples only. See Caribbean Cruises Packages

Below is a list of destinations around the world which have become popular amongst the cruise scene. To learn more about a particular cruise, check out one or more of the adult cruise topics included in this site.

Alaska, Asia, Australia, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii,
Mediterranean, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama Canal, Luxury Cruise Holidays, South America,
South Pacific, Pacific Coast Cruises & the Western Caribbean Islands.

There are only two ways to travel: “First Class” or “With Children”.