Adult Only Cruise  
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Adult Cruise Itinerary

If you have never been on an Adult Only Cruise before, we are including a sample of an itinerary designed exclusively around passengers over 21 years of age. Although this itinerary is very general in nature you will begin to see the type of activities that you can expect. Each cruise line has their own activity lists and you need to study it in advance before you make your final vacation arrangements.

Activities - Adult Only Cruise!

From lounging on the sun deck to dancing the nights away, the activities on board one of these cruises will surely fulfill the desires of everyone onboard. Special features available on “Celebrity Escape” cruises include late-night comedy acts, professional dance instruction, classic romance films, and themed events such as a Valentine’s Night at sea, 1970s-era disco, and 1940s-era Big Band nights. Special features available on deck include poolside fashion shows and parties, afternoon tea with classical string music, scavenger hunts, and private European-style sunbathing. Guests may also enjoy a special golfing program, a lengthy room service breakfast menu, and extended hours for both the pool and Celebrity’s award-winning Aqua-Spa.

Picking a Cruise Itinerary. Alaska cruises, Bahamas cruises, Caribbean cruises, It seems that there are no ends to the destinations available for an all out cruise these days. But those special items that often make for a great cruise can time and again be found in the Cruise Itinerary itself. Someone once told me that any cruise that comes with a mystery theme is bound to be full of excitement. Well we tried one and we must say that this seems to be true. So what is it that make a cruise a great cruise? Seems there are many things involved that depend upon the clients fondness and fancy. But keeping to the topic of an adult theme, we look for activities that cater to a particular age and shore excursions with a spell of luxury added in.

Cruising, The Planning Stages; the where, how & when of planning a cruise.

Our thoughts on the perfect adult vacation is to visit as many destinations as possible without the inconvenience of switching hotels, packing and unpacking our suitcases, avoiding the lines at the restaurants, and not finding time to relax while on our vacation. But hold on a moment, take in the luxury of an all inclusive cruise and not one of the previously mentioned problems exists. as soon as you step on board your cruise ship, you need only to unpack your suitcases one time and it’s off to the spa for a relaxing facial then into the pool for a dip in luxuries creature comforts. What's not to love? And to think, all this happens while your ship and crew transports you from painlessly from magnificent seaport to magnificent seaport. All meals and entertainment are included on an all inclusive cruise so there is another one of life’s little itches passed on to the crew. So what is there to go wrong on an adult only cruise vacation? Well, plenty if your ill prepared in the knowledge and language of the cruise industry. So there are a few things you should think about before you book your ideal cruise vacation. Here we will look at the where to go, how to go, and when to go of planning your cruise.