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Adult Resorts

Find the resort dedicated to couples or singles only. Thats right, you don't need to put up with little Johnny anymore. These adult only resorts are the best that there is in premium vacation destinations with you in mind.

Adult Only Resorts that deal with the desires of singles, couples, seniors and honeymoon couples are the topic of these pages. We will be looking at and comparing the differences of many of the age requirements for a variety of resorts including adult singles and adult couples resorts in places like Mexico, The Caribbean and more. Some areas are well known for these types of vacations. Places like Acapulco Mexico, the island of Jamaica, Tahiti, Hawaii and the Cook Islands of the Pacific. Quiet and relaxing, these adult retreats are located in some of the most romantic locations around the globe.

Adult Only Resorts

So lets begin looking at where they are and then we will get into the special offerings that set each one apart from the others.

Lets assume that we are looking for an adult only resort for an upcoming vacation. Before we can look deeply into the vacation itself, we need to first decide which of the next areas is most important in choosing a vacation destination. Is the resorts location, its amenities, prices or package deals most important in your decision making process. If it’s a combination of these, list them in order of preference and research the topics in that order. Keep a list and rate each of the important areas for the final decision making steps. WE like to keep a few notes to remind us of anything that stood out or should be remembered.

For many parents, as well as us retired folks, the only way to truly find the relaxation we are looking for in a vacation is to not have any kids scampering around when were trying to relax. And for young couples without children, there is usually no desire to be subjected to the noise and commotion of children carrying on around you disrupting an otherwise peaceful and relaxing vacation. So in these cases, resorts that do not allow children under a certain are or offer areas where children are restricted is very important to them.


Types of Adult Only Resorts

There are basically six types of adult orientated vacation resorts available that offer many travel alternatives for those seeking a more adult-oriented experience.

  1. Singles Resorts are intended for the swingers and typically not exactly what couples are looking for. Singles resorts in general are where people go to meet someone new.
  2. Topless Resorts; these resorts provide a variety of activities and lodging opportunities for patrons which embrace the notion that topless is desirable.
  3. Gay Friendly Resort accommodations, bars, health clubs, events, and organizations that limit their patronage to gay and lesbian travelers.
  4. Nudists Resorts or Clothes optional resorts often referred to a nudist resorts; these will not be covered here.
  5. Couples only resorts that cater exclusively to couples.
  6. Resorts that limit or restrict patrons by age such as Casinos, Golfing Resorts, Membership Clubs, Health Spas, along with Business and Executive travelers.

Resorts for Adults Only

Favorite Singles Resorts
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Honeymoon Retreat
Make those honeymoon memories something really special.

Adult Vacation Resorts
Places to get away from it all.

Adult Only Resort Cancun Mexico.
Check into this adult only resort located in Cancun Mexico that caters to couples, honeymooners and singles alike. Enjoy one of Cancun's finest adults only beach resorts and enjoy all that Cancun has to offer.


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